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Harish Kalyan Feels He Should Not Evaluate People

Harish Kalyan is quite popular now. Since his days in the Bigg Boss, Harish has evolved a lot and feels that he shouldn’t judge people. “I have learnt that I shouldn’t evaluate people. I started to discover things about ourselves. There are a lot of testing times and we should develop patience. Being on the show tests and pushes your limits. I also learnt how to move along with a group of individuals who are more or less strangers. Plus, it connects you with people and you become as popular as someone who has done quite a few films,” laughs Harish.

Harish Kalyan

He entered the house midway and when asked was that an advantage? He says, “You do try to not do the wrong thing, but you can never plan how you are going to react to a situation that develops in the house. It is almost like life in this aspect. If you try to act, people will quickly catch on to it. To my knowledge, I was more or less myself on the show. My friends usually are adjustable and put up with me when I behave badly as they know I am an only child. But I cannot expect that from a bunch of strangers inside the house. So, how you handle their emotions is something you learn on the go.”

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