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The backdrop of ‘Jaikkpovadhu Yaaru’ has been revealed

Well, it is quite interesting to know the setting of a film especially when an actor like Shakthi Scott has returned after almost five years to the Kollywood industry. Yes, you have heard it right, it has been five years since Shakthi was last seen in a film. And in case you have forgotten the name of his previous film, then let me remind you its name. It was none other than Adhisaya Ulagam. Well, enough talk about the past now let’s come to the present. As stated, the sources reveal that this new film starring Shakthi in the lead is going to revolve around the issue of car racing. Although upon hearing this, the first thought that would come to anyone’s mind is that the film is based on a grim setting but the sources have also revealed that the narration in the film has quite an amount of humor in it.

Jaikkpovadhu Yaaru

To be precise about the setting, the film revolves around five racers. Now these racers happen to get caught up in a nasty trap and the plan they come up with to escape from this trap is what this film is all about. Powerstar Srinivasan will also be seen in the film but he will be an antagonist.

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