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Baahubali as comics!

S.S. Rajamouli is the director of the blockbuster movie titled as ‘Baahubal’ and the film is to be released as graphic novels, games and animated series.

“From the minute I started working on this story, I knew the world of ‘Baahubali’ can’t be encompassed into a film or two, simply because there’s so much more to tell, so many backstories to share. What we managed to showcase in the film was just a chip of the iceberg,” Rajamouli told in his interview.


“Film medium has limited space and we couldn’t use that to share everything we wanted to. There’s a lot of intrigue, action and adventure in the life of all the characters of the film, which we could include when we release the story as a comic, animated series or a game,” added the blockbuster director.

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