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Arya is a Man of Many a Talent

Arya is a fitness freak and he keeps himself fit by taking up sports activities. He loves football and talking about it, “That’s what I grew up playing. Earlier, I had a ligament tear playing football. I got it fixed just to play football again. Then, I tore the ligament on the other leg as well. But that’s no deterrent for me to stop playing football. I watch more number of football matches than movies. I follow all the football leagues.”

Arya is a Man of Many a Talent

He also does cycling and he recently competed in London Edinburgh London 2017 cycling challenge race, in UK. “It was something that really tested my endurance. I had to cycle more than 1,000km in four days. And I got to sleep for only three or four hours during the entire course of the race. Such a race also tests one’s mental strength. You start thinking of quitting at many points as you have to overcome different climatic conditions, terrains, etc. Somehow, I managed to complete the race successfully,” he said proudly.

About his upcoming film, Santhana Devan, he said, “I am quite excited about it. And it is going to be a crucial film in my career. It has been mostly shot in and around Madurai as jallikattu is the subject of the film.”

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