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Anushka’s stubborn guts are her secret of her success

A movie’s success is judged after the release of the movie and to what extent the fans are attracted towards it. No one can prejudge a movie before the release of a movie. Some will comment that few movies are normal movie but that movie will run successfully.

Anushka Shetty

But some movies will be expected as super hit, but those movies will become a big flop. For a failure movie lot of reasons can be given, but for a successful hit movie a true reason cannot be given by any people in the film industry or the moviegoers. In Tamil and Telugu film industry actress Anushka Shetty is the lead heroine presently and she gives meaning for ‘Victory.’

Anushka feels that when a script touches her heart it is a successful hit movie. After performing in the movie and attaining success after the release is a bonus for her. When she acts for a character she becomes as the character which gives new strength for it. Anushka’s favorite movies aren’t liked by her fans and she is a bold and courageous actress. Currently she is posing in Baahubali and S3 and both the movies are considered as success before the movies will hit the screens.

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