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Anushka reveals her secret to success

Sources have stated that actress Anushka’s movies are all successful and she has recently revealed the secret of her success and she has told in cine industry the story is the ultimate hero and the stars are performing in the story.

Usually fans see whether the movie’s story is good or not. She has told that earlier she had seen only the character, but currently she is concentrating more on the scripts rather on the character she is performing.

Actress Anushka Shetty

Presently she sees whether the story is good and even though when her role is comparatively lesser, she accepts the roles and does it to prove her individuality. A story only attracts her and later when she performs in it, the movie becomes a successful one.

Rather than thinking whether the movie will succeed or not, she does her acting to her satisfaction and when the movie succeeds, she feels it as a bonus and considers it as the real success of her career.

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