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Amala Paul, Vijay remained silent in Court

On August 6th Amala Paul and director AL. Vijay have come to Family Welfare Court and they have filed a divorce case and during that time, they haven’t even spoken a single word and they have turned their face when one had supposed to see.

The sensational couple has met during ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ shoot and had started to romance each other and has got wedded by 2014 and within a matter of two years due to some misunderstanding they have decided to get divorce and their news is the talk of the Kollywood.

It is stated that both have come in their car and they had been in the Family welfare court for around 15 minutes and they haven’t talked a single word. It is also stated that their friends have tried to join them again, but both are very strong in their decisions and the court case will come by next year January and they will be given divorce at the earliest.

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