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Anjala Movie Review

Everyone of us would have come across a ‘Tea Shop’ in our day to day lives. ‘Anjala‘ is one of those stories where Tea shop has played a crucial role. The movie is clearly made with an intention to attract rural audience. Tea shops are one of the vital places in our day to day lives where everyone of us discuss all important topics. Be it our personal or professional lives, we discuss them over a cup of tea. ‘Anjala’ movie travels on the same lane. The movie begins on an interesting note as how ‘Anjala’ tea shop lands on earth. A couple walking without any hope and they stop mid way. A British officer asks them to move from the place. But the couple stays on the same place and the they change the parched land into a shack with some leaves and woods.

Anjala Movie - Vimal and Nandita

Slowly with development of civilization, the spot becomes tea shop. Pasupathi becomes the owner of the shop. The portions where the makers convey about how everything changes was quite brilliant. But the same brilliance was not used throughout the movie. As the story begins, we see the tea shop becomes hot spot for friends gathering, lovers and so on. At one stage, one of the workers make counterfeit currency notes and this leads to arrest of Pasupathi. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

The narration was said in an intriguing manner. But there comes the failure. Vimal is one of the guys who work in that tea shop. Nandita is a college going girl who waits opposite for college bus and she falls in love with Vimal. And that romance is a dreadful thing ever. The response to the romance is even bad. Scenes which are made with a hope to provide comedy are clearly annoying. Most of the time, we see men ‘wooing’ girls and this is what they term it as ‘comedy’. And the songs… Uuff… another thorn on the flesh… They just spoil the flow of movie.

Even though running time of the movie is just 112 minutes, we feel as if we watch a lengthy serial. Pasupathi is the only saving grace and he shows his versatility and he saves the movie from hitting the rock bottom. Songs are below par. Except for the first 20 minutes, and the flashback sequences of Pasupathi, the movie is not worth your bucks !

Overall, ‘Anjala’ tea is not tasty !

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