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Amy’s views about Rajinikanth

Enthiran 2.0 actress Amy Jackson had an interactive session with the press in Mumbai recently. She was asked about Rajinikanth and she has said that he is a very simple person and gets nervous when he has to face the media and attention. This has come across as a shock to her because he is the Superstar of the industry.

Amy Jackson

She has also praised him as a humble person that she has appreciated him for the importance he gives to his work which she considers the main reason for the top position he holds and maintains in the industry.

Meanwhile Amy Jackson has also clarified that her portions with Akshay Kumar in 2.0 haven’t been shot yet and that only her scenes with Superstar have been shot. On being asked about her Hindi and Tamil, she has immediately replied saying that her Tamil is better than her Hindi and that she can understand Tamil now.

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