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What waits after the break?

It is as long as sixteen years that we have seen any film by the Shahjahan’s director. After these long years of break, the romance film director Ravi Abbulu is coming back with the action film in his bag. There is definitely a buzz on who will be the lead pair in the film and this is why the director has confirmed that the stars will be a pair of newcomers Rajan Tejeshwar, Tharushi and also Chammak Chandra to add as a topping. When the director was asked about his past experience, he confessed that it had been really bad and depressing for him in the past years but now he has finally thought of giving his love for films another try.

Seyal Movie

When this script came to the director he had that instinct that things will fall into place. He further went on to reveal some portion of the plot and says that the background has been set in North Madras where the hero is beaten up when he arrives in a notorious locality, the news of which spreads like wildfire. The hero is in search of a chance to fight the goons out and thus this pursuit keeps the audience on the edge of the seat. The shooting is complete and the release date awaits.

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