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Venkat Prabhu tells Vadivelu ‘Don’t forget creators’

After the national level trending of the comedy scene from the film Friends and the hash tag ‘pray for contractor nesamani’ media and YouTubers in the town flocked towards the house of the comedian Vadivelu. The actor who was away from films for more than a couple of years agreed to give an interview for a particular YouTube channel. Now it is the interview that has landed the veteran comedy actor in trouble. The way the actor criticized film maker Chimbu Devan and producer Shankar have received backlashes from his colleagues in the industry. Earlier director and actor Samuthirakani expressed his disappointments on the speech of the comedian and the latest to join the party is director Venkat Prabhu.

Venkat Prabhu and Vadivelu

Actor Vadivelu who came in to the interview to speak about the trending hash tag, also spoke about various things during the interview. Everything was going well until the interviewer pulled in few questions about the actor’s dropped project Imsai Arasan 24 aam Pulikesi. When he was questioned about why he walked out of the sequel of Imsai Arasan 23 aam Pulikecei, the actor in his own unique style trolled director Chimbu Devan as well as the producer of the film Shankar. His style of criticism has backfired and has made many creators in the industry condemn his speech. Earlier, Samuthirakani had requested the comedian not to disrespect directors. Now, director Venkat Prabhu in response to the comedian’s speech has written his opinion through a long paragraph and has shared it on his twitter handle.

The English translation goes, “Directors are always the captain of the ship. When a flick does well everybody takes the credit for it, but when it fails people utter ‘the director has goofed up.’ This is how it is generally seen. What a pity it is? Hearing an exceptional artist mocking a director and producer who casted him as a hero in their block buster flick, broke my heart. I have been observing Chimbu Devan from close. He is not only an excellent creator but also a good human being. There is no need to speak about director Shankar, as everybody knows his talent. We are artists here to entertain people. So let there be only love and not grudges between us,” concluded the director. He shared the message under the caption ‘Let’s spread love not hatred!!’

Imsai Arasan 24 aam Pulikecei was dropped due to the creative difference between the director and actor. Thought many interested parties tried to convince the comedian, he refused to act in the film and as a result of which he was given a red card that has kept him away from acting. We hope the issues get resolved and we get to catch the sequel of the amazing entertainer as soon as possible in theaters.

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