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Thodari movie climax will be as predicted

The Kollywood industry director Prabhu Solomon has directed ‘Myna’ in forest area, ‘Kumki’ with elephant, and ‘Kayal’ with sea and presently ‘Thodari‘ with train. Nearly for six months the shooting was shot and for outdoor shoot the director has moved to North India.

Currently the movie’s work was completed and the movie is ready to hit screens. The director also anticipates this movie also as a successful hit movie and even Dhanush has liked the story and few have told that the climax is not as expected.

It is said that when the train halts at Central railway station, there occurs a bomb blast, but the director has told that the unanticipated ending with creativity will be liked by movie fans and Dhanush too didn’t comment on this. Keep watching for more refreshments about the release of the movie ‘Thodari’.

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