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Singer Deepak is Enjoying His Success

Undoubtedly, Aalaporaan Thamizhan is one of the most popular Tamil songs in the recent time. One of the singer Deepak, cannot believe the song’s success, he has been completely taken aback.

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In a recent interview he said, “I wasn’t very active on Twitter, but the phenomenal response to the song changed everything. Even on Facebook, I have been receiving messages and friend requests from unknown people appreciating on a daily basis. I’m happy that many acknowledged my effort. My happiness knew no bounds when several Vijay sir fans said that my voice suits him and that I should consider singing for him again. This kind of positive words boost my confidence in an industry where you have many occasions to feel low.”

He even shared stage with one of his idol AR Rahman during the audio launch. “I could sense the frenzy a few days before the audio launch. Performing with Rahman sir at the launch was a dream come true for me. I have never witnessed such a crazy crowd before. The ambience was such that I couldn’t hear my own voice while I was at the stage. The icing on the cake, for me, is that many people have started knowing me and are enquiring about the songs I have been singing before,” said a proud Deepak.

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