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Shruti Haasan’s Facebook account got hacked!

Shruti Haasan who has been a predominant actress cum singer in Indian film industry is the latest one to fall prey for cyber crime activities. However this time, it is not morphed or obscene images of the actress.

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Her Official Facebook page has been compromised by an online hacker. It seems the hacker has been a huge fan of Actress Kriti Sanon as he was posting Instagram photos of Kriti Sanon in Shruti Haasan’s profile.

An angry Shruti Haasan took Twitter to tweet and she tweeted, “Attention ! Some jackass has hacked my Facebook account and we are working on fixing it ! Till then. Kindly ignore! Thanks” The account was recovered later. However the actress is told to be careful by few tweets as online hacking has been so easy these days.

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