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Secret of Karthi’s ‘Kashmora’ is revealed!

Earlier the director Gokul has directed ‘Rowthiram‘ and ‘Idharkku Thaan Aasaipattai Balakumara‘ is presently directing a movie with Karthi which is titled as ‘Kashmora’. In this movie Karthi is playing dual roles and actresses like Nayanthara, Sri Divya and Maneeshe Yadav are pairing Karthi.

This movie is a period base story and so Karthi is acting in different getup for the movie. So the director has changed his face as 3D face scan technology and his fans will definitely like his new and different getup. As it is a historical based movie the director has also shown Nayanthara in a totally different getup and the story is based on a Korean movie and for the sake of Tamil people it has made some changes by the director.


Usually before the release of a movie all the informations comes about the movie in advance. But as far as this movie is concerned the director has made many facts confidentially. When asked to the actors they are saying that they even don’t know about the story and all the work is going on secretly. Keep watching for more revision.

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