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Kabali flame everywhere, Rajini at Ashram in America

Kollywood super star Rajini’s ‘Kabali’ release is on July 22nd worldwide and Rajini’s fans all over are in huge anticipation about the release of the movie. Presently many ads about Kabali are advertised from auto rickshaw to aeroplane and his fans are counting the days for the movie release.

Meanwhile at America in a place called Virginia there is a Lotus ashram and usually rich people will stay and live a peaceful life and presently Rajini is at the ashram and he has avoided any contacts and is relaxing there and is also under medical treatment.

So it is expected that Rajini won’t be there in India at the time of Kabali release and he will come from the ashram by next month first week only and the film producer will share the success story after he has come from America. Keep watching for more revision about the movie news and Rajini’s next move.

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