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Sabash Naidu shooting postponed?

Kollywood sources have stated that recently Kamal has fallen from his office and his bone was cracked and is admitted in a private hospital. So his movie ‘Sabhash Naidu‘ shooting is temporarily postponed. It is stated that Kamal has planned to change the cinematographer as he is not satisfied with his work.

It is stated that even the editor has returned to his native as his wife has fallen sick and so the actor is also searching for a new editor. Earlier Rajeev Kumar was booked as director and even he was not able to direct the movie. Presently Kamal was advised by the doctor to have complete bed rest for a month.

The doctor has advised him to have complete rest for a month and presently he is in a private hospital. Even his ‘Sabash Naidu’ shoot was also postponed and earlier he has planned to release the movie by December and the release date may change due to these reasons.

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