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Nayanthara’s dedicated work ethics

Presently in Kollywood actress Nayantara is the highest paid actress and she has increased her salary to a greater extent. Many lead actresses have felt jealousy on Nayanthara, as her salary has gone to peak. But Nayantara is least bothered about it.

Presently she is happy as her movie ‘Thirunaal’ with Jiiva will be released by next month. After eight years she has again paired with Jiiva in this movie. The songs have already released and have become hit among Jiiva’s fans. The song ‘Palaya sorum’ has become super hit and melodious.

It was stated that during the movie shoot, when her shot was taken, she has never been in her caravan, and instead she was watching the other actor’s performance. The teammates have told that she was very much interested in the movie’s story and her character.

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