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I am not against Jallikattu – Dhanush

Jallikkattu also known as “Eruthazhuvuthal” or “Manju Viratu” is an ancient bull taming ritual which happens in Tamil Nadu on Mattu Pongal Day. The prize money will be hanged in the horns of the bulls. The one who tames the bull will be awarded with that amount. Recently the sport was banned based on High court orders.


Amy Jackson also said the sport has to be banned. Lots of people opposed Amy for saying so. Amy who is with Peta Movement got more lashings and thrashing in social media .The Peta Movement Ambassadors are Trisha and Amy Jackson  and they got more rage from public. It was said that Dhanush is also part of this PETA and he is also against Jallikattu.

But actor Dhanush said, “Bull Fighting is a humanitarious effort”. He cleared the air and said, he was not with PETA or any organization and all those news are baseless rumours. He also said that he supports Jallikattu. Amy Jackson never even attended promotions of ‘Gethu’ as she faces more heat due to this Jallikattu issue.


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