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Kollywood starlet’s are tensed for few things

In Kollywood many actresses are acting as action queens and also as ghost, but in real life they are scared for some things. Actress Kajal Aggarwal is afraid of birds mainly, parrots and dove. She is tensed thinking they will prick the eyes.

Kajal Agarwal, Taapsee Pannu, Shruti Haasan

Actress Shruthi Hassan is scared for lizards and snakes. When she sees a lizard in the house, she chases it out and then only moves to her work and terribly up on seeing a snake. Radhika Apte is afraid of silly things in her life. She is tensed when the plane flies in the sky and when sailing in the ship, she is worried will the ship sink into the water.

Actress Tapsee Pannu is afraid of darkness and while sleeping she asks her mother or sister to sleep with her. Not only heroines are afraid of certain things, many women are scared of all these things too.

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