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Akshara Gowda’s Valentine’s Day photo goes viral!

Actress Akshara Gowda who has acted in super hit films like ‘Arambam’, ‘Bogan’, and ‘Mayavan’ is currently acting in a Sandalwood biggie ‘Panchatantra’, which is directed by Yogaraj Bhat. She has posted a special photo of herself in a bikini on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This post has gone viral in all social media sites.

Akshara Gowda

Akshara Gowda has shared a long post that says, “I hope you fall in love with being alive . I hope you pick flowers and read books and realise that there’s more to life than a snapchat from a boy you won’t remember in a couple of years. I hope you feel pursued , I hope you have the best of friends , and even that you get in trouble together. I hope you make memories and take too many pictures and the only hurt you feel is from laughing too hard. I hope you swim the depths of the oceans, and you feel the dirt under your fingernails when you climb the tallest mountains. I hope you know the joy of genuine happiness, I hope you know the difference between wisdom and test scores. I hope that you understand that you can be ANYTHING YOU DREAM, but you have to work hard to get it . I hope you do more than sit around and complain about the things that could change- I hope YOU ARE THE CHANGE. I hope you journal and write every thought down , I hope you learn all you can , and that you stay healthy. I hope you treat the BODY WELL, it’s the only one you have . I hope you build a FANTASTIC REPUTATION, and that you always respect it . But also, I hope you HAVE FUN , UNAPOLOGETIC FUN. 
Because my love , I hope you fall in love with being alive.” Tagging everyone who taught me to be alive”.


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