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Actress Pia Bajpai is about to Shave Her Head


Actress Pia Bajpai is a dedicated actor. When the issue of shaving her head came into question for her upcoming Tamil-Malayalam bilingual film Abhiyum Anuvum, Pia never hesitated and agreed to the act, because her character demanded it. The film will be directed by BR Vijayalakshmi and it stars Tovino Thomas opposite Pia.

Actress Pia Bajpai is about to Shave Her Head

In a recent interview, Pia said, “I’m happy to be a part of this project. When I was narrated the script, I enjoyed the story so much that I badly wanted this offer. The script demanded that I tonsure my head and I didn’t hesitate even for a minute because the story genuinely required it.”

When Pia was asked about her experience on teaming up with a female director, she said, “BR Vijayalakshmi is very efficient to work with. The way she handled the sets and extracted work out of every actor and technician was amazing. She is a real task master.” And about her costar Tovino, Pia has some really nice words to say, “I was really impressed by his acting abilities. His great performance combined with good looks has made this story even more beautiful.” As Pia said about the film, it is going to be a “very bold love story”.

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