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Will Kamal move to LA on May 16th?

To caste the vote getting money is a fraudulent practice. Kamal has told that during the election time he will be at America and he has doubts whether he can cast his vote in the upcoming assembly elections. Even Kamal has told that his vote is missing and the election commission has rejected his statement.

On Friday Kamal’s ‘Sabash Naidu’ movie’s pooja was made and at Chennai Alwarpet office he has spoken to the reporters. His next project Sabhash Naidu’s shooy should have commenced from March and 90% of the shoot will be shot at America. Kamal has told that the movie’s shoot commences by the second week of May and during that time he will not be in India and for the shoot he is moving to Los Angeles and he has told that he will not be able to cast his vote for the assembly elections. During last Lok Sabha elections, someone has cast his vote and so his name was not found in the voter’s list. He has told that one should cast their vote without getting any money, which is a shameful behavior.

But Kamal has said wrongly that his name is not included in the voter’s list. But the electoral authorities have uploaded his voter’s identity and have said in the Twitter page that he should cast his vote and be an example for the people. But few have told that let him go without casting his vote to abroad, but she should not have told such a lie that his name was not in the list. It is a big shame on his part.

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