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Vihan Jolly’s ‘Lockdown Diarie’ Trailer: Appears To Be A Lackluster Amateur Drama!

Numerous films have been made on tragic events and sufferings that we humans endured during the pandemic lockdown. Tamil cinema is set to have another drama that intends to explore the miseries of lockdown in Lockdown Diarie. Actor Vihan Jolly has played the lead role. Late actress Sahana, and Neha Saxena have played the female lead roles in the flick. Director Jolly Bastian has penned and helmed the movie. Writers S P Rajkumar and V Prabhakar have written dialogues for the entertainer. The venture which went on floors with a small pooja ceremony a long time back is now wrapped, and is in the post production stage getting fine tuned for release. 

The production house has now shared the trailer of the venture on social media. Taking to their official twitter handle, Saregama South dropped a poster from the film along with a link to the trailer of Lockdown Diarie, and wrote, “Here’s Lockdown Diarie trailer!” Here is the post made by Saregama South. 

One-minute odd trailer cut opens to actor M S Basker saying, “You take cars that come for repair and roam around. Do you think you are ‘Aborva Sahodarargal Raja.’” Following which we see a character threatening someone, “Or else I will kill you.” The scene cuts to a character saying, “When the figures are hot there is a kick man.” Then we have a shot where actress Sahana enunciates, “You confused me and you are telling me that I am confused.” We are then presented with a scene where actress Neha Saxena says, “You people are obsessed with money.” We have a scene where comedian Muthu Kalai says, “That’s the problem, you should not drive such beautiful cars.” There is a shot of actor Kaloori Vinoth complaining, “Whatever I do, it’s not starting.” Then we have a scene of actor Motta Rajendran mouthing, “That girl is lucky.” A character retorts, “I am the lucky one. She loves me more than her life.” In the next shot, we have a character intimidating M S Basker, “I am going to construct a building here. Better vacate and run from here.” Then we have a comedy act where actor Motta Rajendran says, “Tell me you do not know.” Actor Kaloori Vinoth responds, “From morning I am fiddling with it!” We have a scene of an actress articulating, “From now on I do not want any relationship with this person.” In the following shot we witness a character saying, “You are unable to pay the rent during lockdown but how do you have money to drink alcohol?” Then we see a character telling, “So sad do not vacate their mechanic shed. Let them run it.” The trailer ends with an old man asking, “Have you come here to commit suicide?” The trailer is yet to get the attention of the audience. 

As the name suggests Lockdown Diarie explores the unprecedented circumstances that humanity suffered during lockdown. There is news that the production team is planning to release the drama in the month of August. It is said that they are currently working on blocking a date for release. An official announcement regarding the release date is expected to be made soon. Apart from actors Vihan Jolly, Sahana, and Neha Saxena, the casting unit of the drama has actors Motta Rajendran, M S Basker, Muthu Kalai, Sundaram master, Munna Saiman, Kaloori Vinoth, Mugesh, Praveena, Thulasi Sivamani, and Vishnu Kumar portraying various other supporting roles. Music director Jassie Gift & ABM have composed music for songs in the movie. While musician S P Venkatesh has scored background music. Cinematographer PKH Das has been behind the lens for the drama. Editor Suresh Urs has been brought on board to trim the flick. Director Jolly Bastian himself has choreographed action blocks for the project. The drama is produced by S Murali under the banner house Ankitha Productions. 

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