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Rapper Blaaze Joins Rally for Rivers

Isha Foundations heartwarming initiative, Rally for Rivers, have inspired a number of celebrities. They are showing their solidarity with such a noble and pressing cause. Latest to join the cause is the Rapper Blaaze. He recently came out with a song for the cause.

Rapper Blaaze

While talking about the song he created, Blaaze said, “It is a two-minute tribute song titled Dear Ganga, which will be in support of #RallyForRivers. The song is by our newly formed band, a Sanskrit hip-hop band, Rap Bhakthi Mala by Blaaze and Paul Jacob. This song also features veena maestro Rajhesh Vaidhya and Jeoraj George on drums with Paul J on bass and myself on vocals. I have also written the lyrics.”

But this isn’t the only cause of rejoice for Blaze. He has also been busy starting his own rap club. “It is a full-fledged, 12 weeks’ syllabus that starts with a one-day, and three-hour workshop as an introduction for the beginner’s course. This is my sincere effort to bring the benefits of rhythm and poetry to kids and adults, which will stimulate their mind to discover the art of song writing and rapping,” the rapper shared with utmost joy. This is nothing but another feather on his cap.

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