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Kamal appreciates Vishal

Kamal has told that for the past forty years we had failed to do was achieved by the actor Vishal. Kamal has praised the actor. On May Day the actors meet function was organized by Pepsi and the Worker”s welfare Minister Bandaru Thathatreya has participated in the meet.

Kamal has told that the Intellectual Property Rights are registered only at Delhi and he has asked the Minister to establish an office at Chennai, which will be more helpful for the Chennai people. Kamal has told that he is also a worker in the film industry.

Kamal appreciated Vishaal and his teammates for their accomplishment. Even Vishal should be given “Warrior award” for his work. During past forty years they were not able to achieve, which Vishal along with his team members has proved himself. Vishal after becoming the secretary of the actor’s welfare association has done many achievements which are not done so far. He has received appreciations from many for his doing. Keep going Vishal and Kudos for his effort.

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