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Rajini’s Kabali teaser just reaches sky height!

Many were saying senior actors like Rajini and Kamal movies are having fewer fans than Ajith and Vijay. Kabali teaser which was released has proved that still there are fans for Rajini. It is proved that Rajini’s movies have some new innovations and achievements, which are felt by many.

The Kabali teaser when released after 20 minutes have received 40,000 likes, within 2 hours 1,30,000 likes, within 4 hours 1,50,000 and after 7 hours it has reached 1,65,000 likes. The film producer has told that within an hour nearly 10 Lakhs hits were recorded for the movie.

Vedhaalam movie record was broken by Theri and Theri’s record was beaten by Kabali. The 60 years aged man still has many fan bases throughout the globe. Still Rajini’s movies are anticipated by many people not only in Tamilnadu but also in abroad. Kabali teaser alone has reached the lead position of all the celebrations made today. Rajini’s fans are expecting the release of Kabali at the earliest as they are very eager to watch Rajini”s performance in this movie.

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