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Kajal Aggarwal hesitated to act in ‘Paris Paris’

Kangana Ranaut acted in the movie ‘Queen’ in the year 2013 and the movie was a huge success. The movie even won several awards and accolades. Now, this movie is getting remade in 4 languages. Kajal Aggarwal does the lead role in the Tamil version and Tamanna does the lead role in the Telugu version. The Telugu version is titled as ‘That is Mahalakshmi’. Ramesh Aravind directs the movie in both Tamil and Kannada versions. Now, Kajal Aggarwal speaks about the movie and she shares her experiences. She said, “I watched ‘Queen’ in 2013 and I literally got mesmerized by the movie. Kangana has produced such a heart warming performance.

Kajal Agarwal Paris Paris Movie

The movie is all about how a egg transforms into a caterpillar and finally into a butterfly. Such a heart warming story it is. When I was approached by Ramesh, I had hesitation. But now I think I have made the right decision. It’s quite appreciable to welcome all actresses to work on the same script. Ramesh Aravind helped me a lot to bring out the best in me every time. It is quite aheart warming experience overall. I hope the movie gets a release soon.”

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