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1 minute and 3 crores for Akshay!

The teaser of director Shankar’s upcoming Magnum opus, the sci-fi flick 2.0, starring Superstar Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar, and Amy Jackson was released last week as Vinayakar Chathurthi special. In social media, YouTube, Facebook and everywhere, the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions of 2,0 teaser have become a huge hit.

It was initially expected that the Tamil teaser only will get more views and records but it is actually the Hindi teaser that has been making records. This is totally attributed to Akshay Kumar and now people would know why Akshay was cast, Akshay will be celebrated if the movie becomes a blockbuster in Hindi version.

Akshay Kumar

In Hindi version even with Akshay coming just for a minute, the teaser had hot more than 3 crore views, all for Akshay. This proves that he is the key to 2,0 success in Bollywood.

The actor is happy as the movie is getting a tremendous response from all quarters. Karan Johar who earlier released ‘Baahubali’ in Hindi is now doing the same for Rajini’s ‘2.O’.

The director cum Producers has watched few scenes in the movie and is mighty impressed and has grabbed the entire Hindi rights of the movie. This will be the biggest release for Rajini in Hindi after a long time. Akshay Kumar’s presence will add spices too.

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