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Thalapathy Vijay instructed his fans to “Ignore Negativity” again

Following his announcement regarding the political party, Actor Vijay called upon his “Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam” members to assemble at his office in Panayur. However, Thalapathy Vijay could not attend the first meeting with his party members and fans after his political entry. 

Bussy Anand, the general secretary of TVK, handled the meeting. Later, the party’s president, Thalapathy Vijay, connected with his fans through a video call in the conference hall. He instructed the cadres and fans not to get triggered easily by negative comments and to move on by ignoring such remarks with a smile. Further, he invited the members to build the party from the grassroots level so that an 80-year-old can be aware of “TVK.” Additionally, he said after the Parliament election the party’s framework would get into shape to perfection.

A few district leaders from Kerala are also part of this meeting. There was another speculation rounding the internet that the GOAT actor is eyeing expanding his political party to the national level. However, the sources confirm that his party is regional, and the name “Tamizhaga Vetri kazhagam” says it all.

A few fan associations from Kerala announced that they are not associated with TVK but will continue to work for Thalapathy Vijay to benefit the people with schemes like “Vilai Illa Virudhangam or Payilagam.”

These tweets triggered chaos. However, the party’s leader is expected to clarify the queries of his fans from Kerala or other states soon. Until then, Vijay’s fans are looking forward to his next sci-fi venture, “The Greatest of All Time.”


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