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Madurai Muthu turns out an Atheist

‘Madurai’ Muthu is a well known comedian. He used to do perform comedy shows in TV channel and also acted as a comedy actor in few Tamil movies. Last week his wife met with an accident and she passed away. Everyone in Tamil Nadu were shocked and everyone expressed their condolences for him. He used to make us laugh but now he is going through tough times.

He is having two kids. He gave an interview to leading newspaper recently. In that interview he told that his two kids still didn’t understand that their mother is no more. They are asking when will their mother will come and he used to say that their mother went to temple.

He added that his wife used to pray to God for his well being for 24 hours but no God came to rescue of her wife. Hereafter he won’t pray to God and lost all his faith in God. He is planning to create sculpture of his wife and keep it in his house and she will be his ancestral god. He ended on a tearful note.

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