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Amala Paul Takes Dig at Her Critics

Actress Amala Paul found herself in a bit of a predicament recently. In order to evade the taxes that the Kerala government imposes on new cars, it seems that Amala went to Puducherry and bought her Rs. 1 crore worth Mercedes S Class. She has not been singled out, by the way, it is a step taken to curb the evasion of tax, as many cars are now seen in Kerala which have been registered in Puducherry. The tax amount that Amala was able to skip is rounded to Rs. 20 lakhs. It has been revealed that Amala has no relation to the address given in registration to her car at Puducherry as her residential address falls within the Ernakulam RTO limits. The Motor Vehicle Department has issued her a notice summoning her for a hearing for evading a huge sum of tax.

Amala Paul Takes Dig at Her Critics

However, this didn’t stop her from taking a dig at those who have been criticizing her for her actions. She recently took to Instagram and posted a picture of her taking a boat ride saying, “At times I need to run away from the craziness of the city life and needless speculations. For now, I am preferring a boat ride, atleast no allegations of breaking the law or should I double check with my ‘well wishers.”

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