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Aamani is an actress who worked with Telugu cinema in the 1990's. She started her career doing small roles in films like Aadadhi (starring Saradha, Siva Krishna, Yamuna etc.). She played the role of a vamp in this film. She first appeared as heroine opposite Naresh in the film Jambalakidipamba. The film turned out to be a hit as a comedy entertainer. After a few films, she was offered a role in the film Mister Pellam by the director Bapu. Her performance in this film was honored with the Nandi Award for Best Actress.

She paired with famous stars in Tollywood like Nagarjuna in Gharana Bullodu, Balakrishna in Vamsaanikokkadu, Krishna in Pachani Samsaaram and Amma donga, Kamal Haasan in Subha Sankalpam, Jagapathi Babu in many more films(Subhalagnam, Maavichiguru... etc.,) . She won the Nandi award for Best Actress for the second time for her performance in Subha Sankalpam. Roja Selvamani has been a very close friend of Amani and has been with her in her tough times. In Subha Lagnam, Roja offered her help to hairdress Amani for most of the movie shot in the outdoor helping Amani's costume and looks. Amani has always been mentioning Roja's help in her turn around. After a hiatus of many years, she appeared in the film Aa Naluguru pairing with Rajendra Prasad. In this film, she acts as a lady who is torn between the love for her husband and her children.

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